a wee bit of knitting

I have finally finished the second of the two jaunty berets.  This one in orange.


I was a bit worried about having enough yarn.


I was not wrong to worry.

It and its companion will go off in the mail tomorrow.

My mother-in-law is doing well. She came through the surgery with flying colors and is probably in better shape than she was before. She is certainly in better shape than I would be if I had spinal surgery.

However, not the sort of woman to take things lying down, she was trying to do something she shouldn’t and dislocated her shoulder.  They popped it back into place (which makes me whimper to even think about) and she should be going home from rehab soon.

She will like being home.  There is no one there to make her exercise for three hours a day.  I have to say I’m with her on that one!

no answers, only questions

My mother-in-law lives three-quarters of the continent away and she will be 88 in early April.  About a week and a half ago she slipped and fell.  Nothing new.  Old people slip and fall.  I slip and fall.  And I don’t like it one little bit.  I slipped and fell on a rainy street corner in San Francisco six or seven years ago and when Mr. B and Miss B tried to help me up, I told them to leave me there to DIE.

I can’t even imagine what it feels like when you’re pushing 90.

It took them until the day before yesterday to realize that she’d broken a rib.  Really?  An 88-year-old woman slips and falls and it doesn’t occur to you to do an x-ray?  Oh and she fractured a vertebra.  I, too, have a fractured vertebra.  It’s been fractured for a long time and I knew my back hurt — only now I know why.  Oddly, knowing did not help.

Once again, I cannot imagine how that must hurt at 88, along with a broken rib.

They found the broken vertebra when they did an MRI yesterday (I guess the broken rib was enough to kick the level of care up another notch) and right there, putting pressure on the fractured vertebra is a meningioma, which they think is benign.

How do you tell by looking at an MRI whether a tumor is benign? Where were these people educated?

WERE these people educated?

Is it good that she slipped and fell so they found the tumor?  Are the broken rib and fractured vertebra worth this new, possibly frightening, information?

Tonight she is being taken by ambulance to the Big City to see a neurosurgeon to see what they can see.  I have a million questions, which I would not have had she fallen in California:  Are they going to do a biopsy?  Are they trying to manage her pain?  Are they contemplating surgery?  On her spinal cord?  How dangerous is that?  How dangerous is that for an 88-year-old woman?

She and I had an enormous falling out when Mr. B was going through cancer treatments, but we have done much to mend the fences in the five years since.  We’re not the best of friends, but she deserves better care than she’s getting although, to be honest, she’s probably getting the best care available in her corner of the country.

Which frightens me.

We are all worried, but I am the DNA outsider here, so my role is only supportive and I am very careful with not letting my thoughts turn into words — words like, “This is the United States!  We have health care here!  What’s wrong with these people?”

And my questions have no answers.


And in as long as it takes to create an entire knitted coat, I have finished a small yellow hat.


Miss B has a friend with 18-month old fraternal twin girls. This is for one of them. The next one will be orange because those are the selected colors.

Daddy-Oh! by Gini Moreau with Lion Brand Modern Baby. It is 50% acrylic and 50% nylon because the mothers of 18-month-old twin girls don’t need to deal with wool.

sorta wip wednesday

Today did not go as planned.  While there is nothing unusual in that, my planned posting is not what I have to show you.

I had hoped to start Daddy-Oh for Miss B’s friend’s fraternal twins, but I did not get head measurements until late afternoon while in the car.


I am remaking Kelly because it was supposed to be knit on size 6 needles only the pattern says size 8 and it was just sloppy.


But for the second time, my Lantern Moon needles have abandoned me in my hour of need.


I am feeling forlorn and will try again next week.

felting. feh!

Mr. B decided he wanted a pair of felted slippers.  I don’t know why exactly he does this to me since I am rubbish at felting.  Washing machines have changed and no longer have that agitator in the middle and wool needs to be agitated to felt.

Anyway, he picked out a pattern:  135-38 Blueberry by DROPS.  I picked the yarn — Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky in a heathered brown because it “felts well.”

The slipper in its original form was ridiculous and looked medieval.


Without the agitator, I simply washed the slippers. Three times, as it turned out, because each time they lost about two inches in length.

They are actually still a little bit longer than would be absolutely perfect, but I have turned over any further processing to Mr. B himself, since the last time I tried felting was the famous turning his jacket into something that fit me.

I just don’t like this whole felting thing. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out — other than badly — and that worries me.


Miss B and I are fans of Disneyland, but we don’t get there very often.


Recently, I decided if we were going to go, we should go at a time when the Park would be less crowded than usual.  (Even with the small number of people in the park, we were awash in Elsas and Annas).  I chose a mid-week day in the middle of December and, as luck would have it, the weather was very iffy (wonderfully grey and rainy) so the first thing I did was buy a hat.  Miss B already had one because she is Prepared.  We were able to simply walk onto most of the rides.


The 15-minute wait time for Indiana Jones was the 10 minutes it took to walk from the entrance to the ride itself.  We actually waited about five minutes to board our vehicle.  It was glorious.  The longest line we stood in was Peter Pan.

I have had the pleasure of getting stuck on several rides over the years:  Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, the Haunted House.  This year it was Peter Pan and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.  Alice in Wonderland was down for a bit because of the rain because part of the track is outside (???), but only two rides were closed:  Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats.  We rode Alice in Wonderland later.  It has been ruined improved.  I hated it.  The same was true of the Matterhorn.  They have changed the bobsleds so you’re not squishing anyone or being squished, but I had to place my shoulders in my ears to use the handles and the track is so out of whack that the ride was actually painful.  They put those stupid Yeti in place after the Skyway was removed in 1994 and I have hated them for 20 years.  Combine the cramped position, the lousy track, and the Yeti and I don’t think I will be riding the Matterhorn again, which is a pity because I remember watching it go up.

It’s a Small World was decorated for Christmas and they had incorporated a couple of Christmas songs into the usual song (seamlessly, I might add).


The castle was MUCH prettier after the fireworks, but Miss B has that photo and hasn’t shared it with me yet, so we simply have Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with “snow.”


Before we left the hotel we met two-year-old twins and infant triplets.  While we were in line for Peter Pan, I noticed three boys (about eight years old) all dressed alike and all about the same size, so I asked if they were triplets.  Their mother only spoke Spanish, so I used my Spanglish and sign language.  Her response?  No.  Quadruplets, and pointed to her daughter.  Their 18-year-old sister was there, so I said, “Cinco ninos???” and she replied, “No, siete.”  I told her there was definitely a place in heaven for her and she laughed.

Quadruplets!!!  I saw them and I still can’t imagine such a thing!

I went to California Adventure and I felt like I was in the cheap seats at the County Fair.  I will admit that the art deco buildings on Buena Vista were glorious (I do love me some art deco).


And I will confess that California Screamin’ was AWESOME; but I won’t be going back to that Park again.  Unless they will let me in just to ride the roller coaster.  Did I mention that it was seriously AWESOME?  Which is highly unlikely and I am not paying $96 to ride the thing, so I guess it was a one-time thrill.

But at least it was a thrill.